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Medical Marijauna has many benefits but the stigma surrounding the usage of this beneficial plant can make people hesitate from trying this potent alternative medical compound. Over-usage of Opioid medications and other anti-inflammatory prescriptions have caused serious problems for the health system in America, and many people struggle with the various side effects of common medicines that are used today.


Among the concerns is drug dependency and over-utilization of these commonly prescribed medications for pain relief and the fact that they only provide temporary results. True healing requires us to consider the etiology and cause of the symptom manifestation and find a solution to remove or change the environment that leads to disease. Some diseases with genetic predisposition are even harder to heal. 


Along with changes in our diet and adding exercise to our daily routine, cannabis or medical marijuana can help treat and heal us. The first step to healing is to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who understands these facts and offers a comprehensive solution to the patient’s problems.

How Medical Marijuana Works


Major compounds found in the cannabis plant include (THC)  Tetrahydrocannabinol and (CBD) Cannabidiol. These compounds mimic the actions of our body’s own endogenous molecules that are produced by our brain, our gut and our immune system to name a few. These natural chemicals affect thinking, pleasure, mood, memory, concentration, immunity and motor and sensory functions. 


In simple terms, marijuana can help to enhance the effect of pre-existing chemicals in the body that helps relieve symptoms that can cause pain and inflammation.


Medical marijuana focuses on using the specific components that do not cause the psychoactive effects resulting from recreational use. One such component CBD, is a compound in the marijuana plant that provides medical benefits without causing many psychoactive effects.

What Can Medical Marijuana Help With

There are a variety of physical and mental health issues that medical marijuana can help treat and its use under professional supervision can greatly benefit the patient. Conditions that qualify for compassionate use of medical marijuana are listed here.



It is important to know that while medical marijuana cannot help heal every symptom under the sun, it has many properties that can relieve stress, decrease pain and inflammation and improve symptoms of many ailments, thus making traditional treatments easier and more manageable. We at ColoWell America strive for solutions that are more wholesome and inclusive, combining alternative methods of healing with modern-day medical and surgical techniques.

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Medical Marijuana Q&A

Is medical marijuana safe to use?

Yes, we teach our patients and counsel them about plant medicine. During the appointment we educate on usage and dosing. Most patients find the experience helpful.

How will I take medical marijuana as a treatment?

There are several possible ways to consume medical marijuana, including: · Smokable products · Vaporize and inhalation techniques · Use of a lotion or cream on the skin · Edibles · Placing a few drops of liquid medicine under the tongue During an appointment, we will go over all potential options and determine which one works best for you.

Are there any side effects from using medical marijuana?

Side effects are minimal to none. We help our patients understand the dosing and usage instructions and our patients report many positive changes.

How long will the medical marijuana treatment last?

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis is not a quick fix. Plant medicine takes time and that is why the certification is 210 days. During this time period, with regular follow-up appointments, our patients improve and get healthier. A plant-based diet and a moderate exercise regimen will help.


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