Insurances We Accept

Self-Pay Rates


New Patient Consult

$300 Self-Pay cash price for private consultation with doctor

Follow-up Visits

$75 Self-Pay cash price for follow up visits with doctor



$100 In-office diagnostic anoscopic evaluation

Hemorrhoid Surgery

$2000 Self-Pay cash price for Hemorrhoid surgery - facility fee is extra

Screening Colonoscopy

$1000 Self-Pay cash price for colonoscopy - facility fee is extra

Upper Endoscopy

$1000 Self-Pay cash price - facility fee is extra

Rubber Band Ligation

$300 Self-Pay cash price for 10 min in-office procedure - most patients require a minimum of three sessions each

Skin Tag/Hemorrhoid Excision (In-office)

$1000 Self-Pay cash price for in-office 10 min, specialty removal of anal skin tags/hemorrhoids

Anorectal Abscess Drainage

$1000 Self-Pay cash price for in-office drainage of rectal abscess - Get relief ASAP

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Treatment

$1000 Self-Pay cash price for quick relief - in-office procedure that can decrease pain and hemorrhoidal swelling

Fissure Surgery

$2000 Self-Pay cash price for surgical treatment of anal fissure - facility fee is extra

Anal Manometry

$1000 Self-Pay cash price for in-office test to quantify function of the anal sphincter complex

MMJ/CANNABIS PATIENTS (Not eligible for insurance coverage)

New MMJ Card

$275 Self-Pay cash price for private consultation with doctor. Includes certifications for oral medications, topical medications, smokeable flower, and edibles.

Transfer Patients

$150 Self-Pay cash price for transferring care of patient from another physician

Card Renewal

$150 Self-Pay cash price for MMJ card renewal/re-certification, every 210 days

Follow-up Appointment

$50 Self-Pay cash price for follow-up visit with doctor to renew recommendation, every 70 days

Flower Certification

$25 Self-Pay cash price for addition of cannabis flower certification to pre-existing certificates. *Specific conditions apply to qualify for flower consumption